How to take professional product photo with mobile phones?

When we use Shopify, WooComerce, or others to open our own online store, how to get professional photos of our products, you may choose the service of a professional image team, but it is not cheap, generally, it takes about $15-25 /image to get professional photos.

Now you can easily get professional product photos using your mobile phone and Whitepxer.

Mount the phone on a tripod

A tripod allows the phone to maintain its stability. The stable height and angle provide clear, professional photos for your still photos. Another advantage of using a tripod is that it allows you to shoot in low light without blurring. Can prevent camera shake, maintain stability, and increase image clarity.

Use a white background to get professional product photos

Choose the background of the product to be photographed. It is best to use a white background. For small objects, even ordinary white paper is also suitable.

Get close to the window to shoot with natural light

It is not always necessary to purchase professional lighting equipment to shoot. In many cases, the light irradiated by the window is like a large softbox, and the window will diffuse direct light, resulting in uniform exposure and soft shadows. If needed, curtains can even be used to further soften the light passing through the glass.

Use desk lamps as artificial lighting sources
When adjusting the position of the desk light line, determine which angle is suitable for your product. In most cases, it is best to place it about 45 degrees above the object.

At last,use Whitepxer smart editing to get professional images in seconds

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